Davenport Coaching

Davenport Coaching is a brand of lifestyle coaching designed to meet people where they are and to help them build a bridge to where they want to be. When most people hear the term “lifestyle,†they think of something more mental or spiritual. But when most people hear “coaching†or “training,†they think of something physical.

Davenport Coaching is where the church meets the court. It is like a church without walls and a court without boundaries. It is where I help you reveal the truths and foundational beliefs that you already hold inside of you, while coaching you from the sideline of your life to help you play to the best of your ability in this game we call life.

The ultimate goal of Davenport Coaching is to put the coach back in you by reinforcing what was already in you and by connecting you back to your own greatness..

I did nothing but show them
what they could already do.


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Don't miss a single insight.

Follow along online.

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